AREA’s original chair collection is made by skilled artisans using traditional woodworking techniques. We focused not only on comfort and appearance but also on the kind of durability that will enable long-time use. Sizes also reflect appealing ease.


chair A-4

This is AREA’s most popular chair; its sculptural concepts, introduced in the Ming Dynasty, flourished in Scandinavia. Infused with the essence of Japanese culture, it reached an entirely new frontier, expressing a strength of will never seen before.

chair A-5

We redesigned the classic cow-horn chair for a modern look. Each horn section is meticulously hand-carved, ensuring their usability for a lifetime.

bar stool A-5

Just as comfortable as dining chair A-5, this long-awaited A-5 high chair with its beautiful standing posture provides the best coziness.

chair A-6“SIN”

A chair named for wickedness. The horns protruding from the lower back cushion are certainly impressive. The carved arms betray a slight, demonstrating ergonomic tilt.

chair A-10 "HASHIRAMA"

A design inspired by the beauty of Japanese shrines. A round bar serves as the top rail, showing dignity even in quiet surroundings.

chair A-15

A chair with a modern design that does not accord to trends. The chair envelops the upper half of the body, and provides extreme comfort.

chair A-17

Teak is elegantly inserted into slender metal pieces, creating a stylish iron chair suitable for dining, living, and outdoor use.

chair A-21

Our brand’s first stacking stool. Use it as a side chair or an ottoman. The narrow, elongated shape makes it a convenient addition to living rooms and home entrances.

chair A-23

The gently bent beechwood produces a spring, making the frame and seat of this chair responsive to weight adjustments made upon it. It warmly envelops you from spine to seat, making your long stay comfortable. The ergonomic armrests, like three-dimensional leaf shapes, increase the appeal of this chair.

lounge chair A-25 “HASHIRAMA”

The solid wood lounge chair is constructed with orthogonal round bars, providing a unique and comfortable seating experience.

chair A-26“GINZAN”

A meditation chair, cherished by the virtuous monk during his retreat in the “Silver Mountain,” a place of blowholes. Those embarking on a journey for deeper meditation should sit in this chair.

chair A-27 D

A new type of chair that can be used in the dining room while maintaining the comfort of a lounge chair

lounge chair A-27

Careful handwork can be seen in the ridges and shadows. The way this chair stimulates our five senses provides us a new way to rest.

chair A-29 "KABUTO"

A graceful spherical form, meticulously finished with genuine leather, bears the name “KABUTO,” inspired by the face mask of a samurai.

chair A-30

Straight lines for curves. The “Chair A-30” is AREA’s 30th creation, continuing the legacy of the first-generation A-1. Its bold and fearless appearance truly embodies “THE CHAIR” of AREA.