AREA’s original chair collection is made by skilled artisans using traditional woodworking techniques. We focused not only on comfort and appearance but also on the kind of durability that will enable long-time use. Sizes also reflect appealing ease.


lounge chair BRAHMA


chair A-1-A

Representative of AREA’s signature style of stately, classic, and modern. Outward appearances of sturdiness belie delicately detailed production. Manufactured with Japanese artisanal intentions to make chairs that last over a hundred years.

chair A-1

A durable, lifelong chair. The 6:4 grooves appear on the finials protruding from the chair back and are often seen in the Shōnan region, evoking the slowly rising sun as well as hope for a day’s good fortune.

chair A-2-A

The sturdy designs of chairs A-1 and A-2 incorporate iron joinery with artisanal hammered textures. As solid wood ages, so does faintly rusting iron.

chair A-2

Our A-1 series has vertical slats, and our A-2 series is for ladderback chairs. We express the relativity of the East and the West with the direction of spokes in these chair backs.

chair A-3 “PACIFIC”

This chair makes the tabletop appear broader by matching its height at 720mm. Stout and sturdy by appearance, the chair pacifies any who might rest in it, hence its name, PACIFIC.

high chair A-3 “PACIFIC”

A taller version of PACIFIC, its popular simplicity intact. A soft curve in the thick chair back offers support.

chair A-4

The Ming aesthetic is flourishing in Scandinavia, and in modern Japan too we see its upward swing. AREA’s fourth original chair design interprets this anthem independently. Intermittently hard edges express the resolution behind every kindness.

chair A-5

We redesigned the classic bull-horn chair for a modern look. The horned sections of each of these lifelong pieces are hand-carved.

chair A-6“SIN”

The rear legs of this chair, which stick out defiantly, call to mind the horns of an ogre. A striking feature is the extension of the seat surface up the back some way to support the waist. Even a single piece of this work conveys a complete worldview. This chair is unique but also attracts people’s hearts. Les pieds arrière faisant saillie de manière provoc…

chair A-7-2

We remodeled our popular A-7 lineup for more commercial settings. Previously unseen details go into each joint, like its tilt and flush finish, for specifications fit for a professional.

chair A-8

Though presented as a dining chair, AREA’s eighth original chair stands apart by virtue of its artistry. Arms extending backward adeptly balance the whole.

chair A-9

A world-renowned studio in Tokyo has manifested the harmony of firm leather and a comfortable seat in this chair.

chair A-10

This is like a Japanese version of the Windsor chair. The straight structure modeled after a torii shrine gate results in a graceful standing figure, and when multiple chairs are lined up, the top rails neatly align to create a pleasant sense of special tension. This is the kind of chair that effortlessly corrects posture. Représentant de la version japonais…

chair A-13 “COWHORN”

“Cowhorn,” the eternal anthem. AREA’s take on the cow horn is thinner, sharper, and edgier. A sense of lightness is created by the seat hovering slightly over the tops of the front legs.

chair A-14 “RIPE”

A high-end pick among AREA’s original chairs. Its linear approach to primitive curves is almost polygonal. Designed with numerous complex formulas, this chair is and can only be manufactured in a studio at the zenith of such studios in Japanese. A mere ten are produced per month.

chair A-15

This dining chair follows a Nordic design, but also offers a hint of Japanese minimalism. The top rail and excellent backrest make this chair very comfortable to sit in, but also give it the presence of a design icon. This piece is made in Hida Takayama, a village renowned for Japanese woodworking mastery. Cette chaise de salle à manger qui respecte le desig…

chair A-16

This is AREA’s Shaker chair, its design based on the quaint 1950s ladderback. Measured for smaller Japanese figures, this chair provides an incredible fit.

chair A-17

Teak slides through thin metal pieces in this stylish iron chair. An all-purpose chair for any dining room or den.

chair A-18

Our brand’s first outdoor chair. While of course lightweight and durable, the beauty of its design was no simple affair. Suitable for wide-ranging settings, from stores to condominium verandas.

chair A-19

An outdoor director’s chair. Fold and take it as far as any car will go. Delicate at first glance, this chair is made of stiffer stuff.

chair A-21

Our brand’s first stacking stool. Use it as a side chair or an ottoman. The narrow, elongated shape makes it a convenient addition to living rooms and home entrances.

chair A-22

A lounge chair proudly representing our brand. Notice the stylish arms curving and floating without supports. This unique beauty has enthusiastic fans that make it a popular choice in public buildings and private residences alike.

chair A-23

The gently bent beechwood produces a spring, making the frame and seat of this chair responsive to weight adjustments made upon it. It warmly envelops you from spine to seat, making your long stay comfortable. The ergonomic armrests, like three-dimensional leaf shapes, increase the appeal of this chair.

chair A-24

Front legs to top rail, top rail to back legs—these two lines make for a minimalist silhouette, pleasing to look at from any angle. Reborn of traditional wood-bending techniques, this is an AREA masterwork.