AREA’s original chair collection is made by skilled artisans using traditional woodworking techniques. We focused not only on comfort and appearance but also on the kind of durability that will enable long-time use. Sizes also reflect appealing ease.


chair A-4

The formative ideas introduced from the Ming Dynasty blossomed in Northern Europe and are now beginning to create a new wave in contemporary Japan. The strong edges express a hardness of one's willingness in his gentleness, and the AREA's fourth chair has evolved even further through the decades.

chair A-5

Based on its classic motif, the Bullhorn chair in AREA is the chiar redesigned with more contemporary style. All the horns are carefully handcrafted by hand, one by one, for a lifetime of use.

high chair A-5

Just as comfortable dining chair, this long-awaited A-5 high chair with its beautiful standing posture provides the best coziness.

chair A-6“SIN”

The rear legs of this chair, which stick out defiantly, call to mind the horns of an ogre. A striking feature is the extension of the seat surface up the back some way to support the waist. Even a single piece of this work conveys a complete worldview. This chair is unique but also attracts people’s hearts. Les pieds arrière faisant saillie de manière provoc…

chair A-10

A design inspired by the beauty of Japanese shrines. A round bar serves as the top rail, showing dignity even in quiet surroundings.

chair A-15

A chair with a modern design that does not accord to trends. The chair envelops the upper half of the body, and it gives the extreme comforts.

chair A-17

Teak slides through thin metal pieces in this stylish iron chair. An all-purpose chair for any dining room or den.

chair A-21

Our brand’s first stacking stool. Use it as a side chair or an ottoman. The narrow, elongated shape makes it a convenient addition to living rooms and home entrances.

chair A-23

The gently bent beechwood produces a spring, making the frame and seat of this chair responsive to weight adjustments made upon it. It warmly envelops you from spine to seat, making your long stay comfortable. The ergonomic armrests, like three-dimensional leaf shapes, increase the appeal of this chair.

lounge chair A-25 “BRAHMA”

Solid wood lounge chair is constructed of orthogonal round bars used in "BRAHMA." The seating has its distinctive confortness.

chair A-26 "Ginzan"

A chair for meditation, a favorite chair that the political fugitive monk used when he was in his refuge in the "Silver Mountain", a place of blowholes. Those who embark journey for deeper meditation should sit on this chair. This is the chair that represents AREA, befitting of its 20-year milestone.

chair A-27 D

A new type of chair that can be used in the dining room while maintaining the comfort of a lounge chair.

lounge chair A-27

Careful handwork can be seen in the ridges and shadows. The way this chair stimulates our five senses provides us a new way to rest.

chair A-29

This chair called "KABUTO", has the receptive form carefully finished in a spherical shape with genuine leather.

chair A-30

chair A-30 is AREA's 30th work, following in the footsteps of the first work A-1. We are proud enough to say this is THE CHAIR of AREA, which does not have any other alternatives for its unique appearance.