xCreation of our own trends, without being constrained by existing trends.
Providing individuality unrestricted by preconceived ideas.
Pursuit of the ultimate trinity of materials, structure, and design.
With various designers and artists, we strive to create new collections.x

松岡 智之

Tomoyuki Matsuoka


Graduated from the Department of Product Design, Chiba University in 1992. Matsuoka worked for GK Sekkei Inc., as a product designer from 1992 to 1999. After studying abroad from 1999 to 2001 at the School of Design, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, he returned to Japan and established TOMOYUKI MATSUOKA DESIGN. As a product designer specializing in furniture design, he has worked in product development for domestic and international clients.


斉藤 上太郎

Jotaro Saito

Kimono designer and textile artist

An advocate of the “latest tradition.” Saito proposes cutting-edge fashion through kimonos, pursuing the advancement and development of tradition and craft methods. He is a representative creator of Japan.


蛯名 紀之

Noriyuki Ebina


Born in Biei, Hokkaido in 1958. After graduating from the Department of Design, School of Art and Technology at Hokkaido Tokai University in 1982, Ebina joined Kenmochi Design Associates. He worked for Studio Comtech (currently Comtech Design) staring in 1985 and Interior Center Ltd. (currently CONDE HOUSE) from 1987, before establishing his current firm, PRIME DESIGN OFFICE, in February 1992.


佐戸川 清

Kiyoshi Sadogawa


Born in Tokyo, 1941. In 1981, Sadogawa established and presided over ZERO FIRST DESIGN, an interior design office that conveys interior designs with a unique worldview both domestically and internationally. Under his presidency, the company has conducted a wide range of activities in Japan and overseas, including: product design; planning of commercial spaces, department stores, lifestyle shops, and furniture stores; visual merchandizing planning; and event producing.


野澤 健

Ken Nozawa

Kouten Design Studio Representative / Designer

Born in Takikawa City, Hokkaido, 1982. After graduating from the Department of Design at Hokkaido Tokai University in 2005, Nozawa joined ZERO FIRST DESIGN. He designs the company products and made-to-order furniture as an in-house designer, and also works on product development and design for furniture and interior companies, as well as interior design for houses and shops.After becoming independent in 2019, he moved his base of activities to his hometown of Takikawa, Hokkaido in 2021 and established "Kouten Design Studio".


谷尻 誠 + 吉田 愛

Makoto Tanijiri + Ai Yoshida

Presidents of SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE Co., Ltd.

An architectural office in Hiroshima, founded in 2000 and lead by Makoto Tanijiri and Ai Yoshida. Based on architecture, they continue to pursue something new—new ways of thinking, new buildings, and new relationships—. With locations in Hiroshima and Tokyo, their wide range of activities in Japan and overseas include product and furniture design in addition to architectural design.


鈴木 尚和

Suzuki Hisakazu

President of SPAZIO WORKS

Graduated from the Faculty of Art and Design, Tama Art University. In 1988, he became an independent sculptor and designer. His current artistic activities include the creation of monuments and objects nationwide. He works within various design fields across boundaries, such as interior, product, and environmental & spatial design. In recent years, he has also served as a planning and design advisor for a local government, presenting many product designs that utilize underused local techniques. He also participates in many personal and group exhibitions.


松岡 茂樹

Matsuoka Shigeki

President of KOMA. Co., Ltd

In 2000, Matsuoka began his apprenticeship as a furniture maker at Hita Kogei. He established KOMA, his own firm of custom-made furniture, in 2003 after winning a craft competition award and exhibiting works at department stores. The company later began production and sales of original products. His activities include creation of the lixil concept car for the Tokyo Motor Show, exhibition at the Ambiente international trade fair in Frankfurt, and furniture exhibition at the Expo Milano 2015 Japan Salone, attracting much attention from various fields.


道畑 拓美

Takumi Michihata

Born in Ishikawa Prefecture, 1963. After graduating from the Department of Science of Design, College of Art and Design at Musashino Art University in 1986, Michihata worked in the design department of a major furniture maker. After studying abroad for a short time in Italy, he worked on the launch of an original brand and a license business for an Italian high-end sofa maker. In 2000, he participated in establishing a sofa manufacturer. In 2007, he founded T's Design Room, where he is involved in design and brand building.

日原 佐知夫

Sachio Hihara

創造意匠 Hihara Industrial Design Office 代表

Born in Yamanashi Prefecture, 1964. After working at Koyo Mokko Seisakusyo and Tsukuru Design Office, Hihara established SOZO-ISHO in 1993. He is an industrial designer based in Shizuoka City, pursuing “designs that connect people.” Since 2004, he has been coordinating the establishment of a Japanese manufacturing environment, promoting projects that connect local industries with design.

作道 慶昭

Yoshiaki Sakumichi

Born in 1968. After graduating from the Department of Industrial, Interior and Craft Design, College of Art and Design at Musashino Art University, Sakumichi worked for ZERO FIRST DESIGN from 1991 to 2016. Since 2016, he has worked for SAKU DESIGN STUDIO, participating in various planning and design projects, mainly furniture design.

野田 豪

Go Noda

President of CROWN Inc.

Born in Chigasaki, 1967. After graduating from Tokai University, Noda worked on fixture and furniture design. He established his own firm in 2003, and founded CROWN Inc. in 2005. As a designer for the AREA interior brand, he presents product and spatial designs. He specializes in minimal designs based on classic designs, which have a unique worldview drawn by a method called “hidden curves in a straight line.”

生田 アツヒサ

Atsuhisa Ikuta

Designer of CROWN Inc.

Following graduation from the Department of Architecture, Meijo University, Ikuta learned photography and graphic design at an advertising company. He worked for a furniture maker before joining CROWN Inc. As a designer and director, he works on interior designs for apparel shops, salons, and bars, AREA product plan designs, interior designs for private houses, and graphic designs for various media.