Our sideboards, chests, wardrobes, and shelves offer functional storage without sacrificing style. Feel free to reach out to us for orders adapted from our current designs.


sideboard HASHIRAMA Roubaizu

sideboard HASHIRAMA was released in 2015 and has become AREA’s representative cabinet. This new work, Roubaizu which is created by Fujiyoshi Brother‘s, depicts the ethereal world that separates life and death.

sideboard HASHIRAMA Shishi・Kiji・Matsu

Round bars, characteristic of HASHIRAMA, are placed diagonally at the four corners to form pillars. This Architectural Board is made using a technique where the inner boxes are suspended, creating a floating effect. The craftsmanship of the Japanese painting, meticulously executed by the artisan, has successfully endowed this piece with an expansive artistic…

sideboard HASHIRAMA Fujin・Raijin

This new cabinet in charcoal, specially created for our Paris store, features a“HASHIRAMA” door design, which is popular in Japan. The pictured wind god/thunder god is a Japanese god that helps the good and punishes the bad. The image represents an appeal to become someone who benefits the world.

sideboard Wabisuke no Niwa

The exquisite stone is arranged on a finely crafted sideboard. The top surface of the board is designed to resemble a simple garden, representing the philosophy of Zen. This fusion of Japanese architecture and cabinetwork represents the identity of AREA’s sideboard.

cabinet OKURA

Box-type furniture crafted by plaster craftsmen, employing traditional storehouse building techniques. What will you store in this cabinet?

board VANITY

Carefully handcrafted by skillful artisans with minimalist style. This is the console table that fits in any space.

display cabinet YUKIMI

While watching the snow falling in the garden from inside a warm room, instead of opening the shoji door, one might gently slide it aside to create a narrow gap to appreciate the view. This refined aesthetic sensibility is translated into the design of the display cabinet.

sideboard ROKAKU

This living room sideboard is modeled after the architecture of Japanese castles. And like some Japanese castles, this piece employs balloon framing, making use of thick pillars instead of typical six-sided boxes. It captures the unique and dignified presence of towering Japanese architecture.

corner board ROKAKU

This work too was created exclusively for the Paris store. Its appearance, like an interwoven building, is grand in style, and has a surprisingly delicate balance. Despite being an item of furniture, it also works as an objet d’art.


A lingering heart may have a change as it drifts along. These staggered shelves capture the moment one cloud shapeshifts into another. We wonder what thoughts might ebb and flow through the hearts of those who admire this piece.

sideboard ALIENATION

Sleek cubic design. The gradation from iron blue to vermilion peeking through the cracks. The beauty of decay is expressed in a new piece of furniture.

cabinet SIN

A large, square, multipurpose sideboard. The horned corners, brass hardware, and wood grain shaped like arrow fletching create a definitive look. While we have three standard setups, customization would allow these pieces to be used as curio cabinets or wardrobes.

sideboard B&G

A multi-purpose sideboard with an aesthetic reminiscent of mid-20th-century Black music. How to use this unique style is up to you and your chops. It’s sure to steal the spotlight and inspire admirers.


“A” is our standard sideboard series. Its unchanging popularity is owed to the exceptional amount of detail put into its manufacturing. We opted for a no-hassle push latch to maintain the piece’s stylish silhouette.


We filled this chest with our hopes for a simple, modern design using lots of classic, solid wood. With the notable absence of hardware thanks to the handiwork of Japanese artisans, this piece is sure to age into a beautiful antique.

side board HYAKUSHIKI

Enjoy the unchanging exterior of this piece, the interior of which is customizable to your heart’s content. Shelves, drawers, trays come in any size. Enjoy adapting it to your singular lifestyle.

side board HAUSKA

This design suspends a thin but solid wood box in a three-sided frame. Simultaneously a sideboard and chest, this piece is extremely versatile.

living room sideboard DAL

A stylish living room sideboard. Enjoy the exoticism of the furrows carved into the top and bottom surfaces.

dresser DAL

Despite its overall simplicity, this beautiful chest stands on legs curved into lines seen in mosques. Special ordering it in its wider form reveals yet a different kind of façade.

bookcase DAL

A multi-use bookcase with thick shelves and framing. Shelves are made chunky, and we have emphasized a hardy silhouette, but not to the detriment of utility, which we’ve ensured with removable shelving.

tv unit DAL

A well-balanced TV stand. Leaving out the backboard of the rack produces a welcome airiness. Slits running sideways add a touch of style.

side board RIPE

The pinnacle of AREA’s original sideboards. Its alias is Floating Ruby. We revealed it in 2006 in an attempt to restore a Jacobean style to contemporary Tokyo. A charismatic sideboard with enthusiastic fans from the upper crust.

console table RIPE

A neo-classic console table. A popular choice to prop next to the front entrance of your home. Notice the hooks we’ve included for your keys and watches.

tall dresser RIPE

A neo-classic high chest. Consider decorating your living room, bedroom, or front entrance with it.

dresser RIPE

A neo-classic, laterally long chest. The tab hanging down from the center of the piece would have been where you affixed your family crest in ancient times.


A versatile cabinet with a square grid structure that allows for various combinations. A popular wall storage unit from AREA.

Curio Display Cabinet

A case that hovers above the floor with glass on five sides. There may be many towering products but few in perfect cubes. Flaunt your precious collection without reserve.

sofa back shelf HASHIRAMA

A storage shelf to place behind your sofa. Customize your order according to the size and style of your sofa. The motif of round bars reappears here for an architectural look, in this continuation of our HASHIRAMA series.

tv unit TURANDOT 2

This TV stand has architectural beauty. This design resembles the act of grasping, a recurring theme in AREA products.

Bookcase Tv Unit

Rather than with audiovisual equipment alone, this TV stand will only be complete when packed full with books and magazines. It is designed to look attractive even chock-full and cluttered.

cabinet SIN

A large, square, multipurpose sideboard. The horned corners, brass hardware, and wood grain shaped like arrow fletching create a definitive look. While we have three standard setups, customization would allow these pieces to be used as curio cabinets or wardrobes.