Our fixtures are custom-made of far and away superior quality materials than what is available on the general market. Doors, however positioned, are ever in sight, and upgrading them upgrades any space. Sliding doors are ideal for partitioning spaces, and because we are in the business of designing spaces, their design should fall to AREA. We recommend coordinating colors and materials with your chosen furniture.



This work depicts the world we live in and the world after death, along with the subtle and profound world that lies between the two. When you look into this world slightly, the question arises— who am I ? How can I find happiness here and now ? What is the true meaning of life ? These are the thoughts that arise.


AREA's original picture frame unit that can be freely combined to decorate walls. By framing artwork, photos, posters, mirrors, etc., you can enjoy a higher quality space. Size changes and orders for picture frames only are also available.

Sliding door

縦格子のフルオーダードア。 スペースに合わせた設計で、使い勝手の良さとデザイン性の高さを両立。 *価格は都度お見積もりいたします。

Sliding door / Vertical grid

A pattern produced by cutting solid wood in three dimensions. The possibilities for the evolution of fixtures remain infinite.

Sliding door / Graphic pattern panel

Various patterns are crafted into the panels of these sliding doors. Never mind doors; these may also serve as room partitions or latticework to cover wall storage. Your creativity as an end-user is demonstrated in its design.

Sliding door / Sliding Panel

Sliding doors like panels. Although we can fix the panels within the door itself, keeping them loose allows for varied patterns of expression.

Sliding door / Net grid / glass

These sliding doors stretch up to the ceiling. Updating your doors to reach the ceiling during renovations unreservedly transforms the room.

Door / Net grid & Standard

Upon numerous meetings with the designer, a one-of-a-kind design of fixtures such as the hinged doors are realized. We prefer discussions at least six months prior for large-scale renovations.