AREA products are produced by long-established factories in representative furniture production sites in Japan,
as well as by other leading factories and artisans specializing in woodworking, chair upholstery, metal processing,
stone processing, mirror finishing, lacquer finishing, and leather processing.


Takumi Kohgei

Asahikawa, Hokkaido

Asahikawa-based manufacturer specializing in wooden furniture, founded in 1979. In order to utilize traditional Japanese woodworking techniques in furniture, which adorns our modern lives and makes them more enjoyable, we continue to be imaginative and creative while valuing manual work.


Tendo Mokko


Tendo Mokko’s Low Tables have been loved by people since their introduction in 1958. In collaboration with AREA, an original three-legged low table “t.l.t” was created, while paying homage to the molded plywood legs that curve gently and beautifully from the tabletop.




A furniture factory led by Shigeki Matsuoka. Highly skilled artisans produce furniture with every fine detail carefully crafted, by utilizing traditional handwork techniques that have been handed down. Thorough knowledge of processing methods, procedures, strength, structure, etc. results in beautiful designs and an attractive smooth texture.




The first bed manufacturer in Japan, founded in 1926. Its products have been used in prominent hotels in Japan, including the big three—the Imperial Hotel, Hotel Okura, and Hotel New Otani. It developed the original mattress “mattress A” in collaboration with AREA.




A long-standing furniture manufacturer with 68 years of history. Under the theme of “people and nature,” it actively pursues user-friendly furniture and the creation of comfortable living spaces. It also sells high-end furniture from Europe, including the Netherlands, UK, France, and Italy.


T's mobile


A sofa manufacturer, established in 2000. It strives to produce the highest quality sofas in Japan, seeking the best designs, materials, comfort, and durability. It aims to produce “the top-quality sofa in Japan,” comparable to international luxury brands.


Maruichi Selling


Established in 1950. A furniture manufacturer in Fukui that plans, develops, produces, and sells wholesale furniture and interior-related items including sofas. It produces AREA’s ever-popular original item “sofa SOL” and other items.


Hida Sangyo


A representative furniture manufacturer of Japan, which has contributed to fostering Japanese furniture culture by combining wood bending techniques for furniture from Europe with traditional techniques, known as “Hida-no-takumi (Hida’s master craftsmen).” With superior designs and quality, the company has created a number of long-selling products. Its philosophy has remained unchanged since its establishment, and the company continues its manufacturing endeavors.




A furniture factory in Hida, stubbornly pursuing furniture production with solid wood that accentuates the virtue of the material the most. Woodworkers in Hida produce each piece of furniture possessing the richness and warmth of wood, which can be used as antique furniture after 100 years.


Takahashi Kougei

Fuchu, Hiroshima

A furniture manufacturer in Fuchu, Hiroshima, a representative furniture production site in Japan. Highly skilled and experienced artisans make AREA’s wall storage and custom-made furniture, with millimeter precision.


Uno Mokko

Fuchu, Hiroshima

A furniture manufacturer in Fuchu, a renowned furniture production area, which pursues manufacturing with a craftsman spirit. With its proven techniques founded on a wealth of experience, it produces custom-made and semi custom-made furniture.


Tsukamoto Mokko

Fukuyama, Hiroshima

A woodworking factory with 64 years of history. Its products resemble the mild environment of the Setouchi region—gentle and warm. It seeks to make furniture cherished by users forever.


Siki Furniture


A furniture factory in the peaceful rural landscape of Fukuoka. Natural materials are processed with sophisticated techniques combining mechanical and manual methods, and are manually finished and inspected. Every piece of furniture is carefully produced.


Higashi Mokko

Okawa, Fukuoka

A long-established furniture maker in Okawa, a well-known furniture production area. With carefully selected materials, seasoned artisans do everything from converting the timber, to processing, assembling, and finishing.