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Project name CASE 050 / Hakudo Inoue Museum

設計:才門俊文建築設計事務所 施工:鈴基工務店 撮影:松井良浩

Project name CASE 041 / Ginza KICHO

Architecture & Design: MASTERD

Project name CASE 021 / Kaiseki Cuisine enso

The A-4 chair is enigmatic. Dignified in an art scene, whimsical for the child who sits, gentle to the elderly, bewitching to the young, dependable for those who sit. Unpretentious and unboastful, just being a chair. This is the charm of the A-4 chair. Photography: Nacasa & Partners Inc.

Project name CASE 022 / Hyoto Kyoto Restaurant

The chair A-7 is complimented beautifully in the setting of Japanese restaurant “Hyoto” in Yamabushiyama, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto. The bands under the legs were developed to prevent damaging the tatami mats underfoot. The table embedded seamlessly with an IH cooktop for shabu-shabu creates a sleek adult space. The material is white ash. Architecture & Design: Chiba Manabu Architects Photography: Forward Stroke inc.

Project name CASE 023 / Restaurant

Photography: Nacasa & Partners Inc.

Project name CASE 028 / Saeki

Architecture & Design:SWAY DESIGN Photography:Imadera Gaku

Project name CASE 035 / Ginza D's Bar

A secretive members-only bar hides in a prime location in Ginza. The world's best liquors are lined up in this space where big players gather at night. With the offer that profitability is not a concern, the project’s overview was widened to allow a spacious arrangement focusing on comfort. The purpose of the interior design of this space is to provide a setting for the moment when national-scale deals are born.