Our tables are made to draw out the allure of its materials, including marble, granite, and glass and natural wood such as black walnut. We will propose a setup customized for space and people intended for use.

With our single-slab tabletop model, you can select from among our carefully curated collection of pieces, each brimming with character


table BRAHMA

A table made from large trees that have lived, staring at the world, far longer than any person alive. The lines of grain that have endured so many long years of wind and snow are dramatic, and almost defy human understanding. The legs made of rectangular boards and thick round rods further this world view. Table fabriquée à partir d’un grand arbre observate…

table CORE (single wood slab)

A slab of natural wood, with its beautifully contoured live edges, is placed on inorganic, hard metal. Our Core design series is one that unites these two opposites. The metal legs’ height of design is key to escaping the simplistic Japanese modern aesthetic. Click on the following link to view single wood slabs. https://mukutable.jp

table SIN

A table featuring symmetrically cut raw timber of very old trees. The symmetry with slight difference across the brass dividing line breathes the vitality of life into the piece. The straight legs are inspired by the design of Japanese temples. Table en bois brut d’arbre âgé coupé et ouvert symétriquement. On ressent le souffle de la vie dans cette symétrie…

table Stone age

An ambitious creation in which two slabs of marble or granite are combined for a symmetrically grained table. The grains are not unlike paintings; no two stones are alike in these geological canvases. Lifelong furnishings, at its best.

table MASS

We took a slab over 50mm thick, of which a spare few may be taken from an old tree and labored at length to dry and polish it for a table as if shining a gemstone. We provide standard wooden table legs as well as a freeing, single-column steel post.

dining table SIN

Four diagonally protruding legs boast their presence. Adjust the height of the lower, wooden shelf. Put your collection on display. Fit for the home and shop display.

table RIPE

RIPE’s design is based on early art deco architecture. The repetitive slits are reminiscent of Dadaism but are strongly influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright’s appropriation of the Mayan civilization.

table A-T 2800

If it’s comforting to touch, a solid wood table needs no adornment. It may even be better suited for a spartan design. By eliminating all excess, we have drawn attention to the textures of pure, solid wood.

table A-T 40t

The simpler the dining table, the higher quality it ought to be, to be truly considered a lifelong furnishing. Start by selecting your lumber, tabletop size, table height, and leg style, and go as far as choosing the shape of the table edge. Pictured in solid black cherry.

table A-T 27t

The dining table depicted is made of solid white ash. Feel free to select another material. Make this table your own creation by choosing its size, height, leg style, and more.

table A-T44

ng-term use, a sturdy dining table is better than a decorative one. This 44mm thick sheet of solid wood is sure to be a lifelong bedrock of the family. A truly calming sight.

table RIPE round

A single leg suits a round table. Out of concern for durability, most manufacturers make these legs out of steel rather than wood. We have swept away such concerns with assured technique. This is one of the few single-legged wooden tables on the market.

table VANITY

A willful artistic piece. Its quiet existence alone is a work of art. Can be manufactured with low height as a coffee table.

table A-C

A ceramic table to bedeck a balcony. It has wide-ranging applications due to its scratch-, heat-, and weather-resistant material. We recommend setting a couple of these outside your restaurant. Legs are stylishly designed to cross.