table A-T 2800


If it’s comforting to touch, a solid wood table needs no adornment.

It may even be better suited for a spartan design.

By eliminating all excess, we have drawn attention to the textures of pure, solid wood.

Designed by AREA / Design edited by Atsuhisa Ikuta

Made in Japan

table A-T 2800

Tabletop: solid wood Legs: solid wood, veneer Finish: urethane

table A-T 2800: W2800 D1000 H750 W110.24” D39.37” H29.53”

With table A-T, in addition to selecting the tabletop size and table height, you are free to choose the table edge style, leg style, and leg position. Other customizations are available. Please feel free to get in touch.

W1 (white ash/oak/hard maple) W2 (black walnut/black cherry)

P1 (white ash, white/white ash, gray/white ash, black) P2 (black walnut, AREA colors)