AREA’s original wall storage collection, A-FIX SYSTEMS, can be ordered by the millimeter to be compatible with numerous colors, gloss levels, and finishes, with natural wood as the base. Instead of simply making the most of existing living space, our visually attractive system goes beyond functionality and realizes the designers’ intentions in each setting.

Designed specifically for your space
Made-to-order by the millimeter

Our skilled staff want more than to make the most of your storage space. We design spaces not only from the angle of function but also of form. Designing by the millimeter for the unevenness of columns, beams, air conditioning units, and vents eliminates unused space to realize aesthetic storage.

Professional on-site setup

Our professionals will visit your space to install AREA’s custom-ordered wall storage diligently measured and manufactured by the millimeter. Before the manufacturing process, we will survey the space and set about various tasks, including taking note of measurements, base surfaces, and routes for hauling in materials. As a rule, on-site AREA staff and furniture movers will install all products. Assuming the installation site is a wall 4m wide, our work will conclude in one day, and you can use your new storage system immediately.

Secure, Seismic Installation

A-FIX SYSTEM products extend from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. By securing the reinforcements on the back of each piece to the base layer of the walls via screws and other measures, we can prevent the setup from falling during seismic events. For clients who wish to avoid opening holes on the walls with screws, such as for rental properties, reinforcements can be installed between the ceiling and the top of the furniture to prevent falls. Further, we can install door catches to prevent your belongings from falling out of cabinets and wooden or metal stoppers on open shelving to prevent damaging falls.


A-FIX SYSTEM Matsutakazu

By the painting of Fujiyoshi brothers, we reconstructed and painted the traditional composition of "Matsutakazu". AREA's unique technique of collaborating the works of art into a space transcends the realm of furniture.


A cabinet with a square grid configuration that can be freely combined, which is as fascinating as its' twin product "wall storage A-FIX SYSTEM".


We aimed for quality beyond that of brand hotels. It may be the world’s greatest luxury to occupy a space at home designed specifically for you.

A-FIX SYSTEM Book board classic

Cabinet doors conceal storage space beneath the counter; the middle of the system employs open shelving. The upper latticework balances the look, where another storage space lies inside. This storage method matches your vertical space, combining form and function.


Yukimi is a grid-patterned, sliding paper door system that appears to capture light from outside. An impassioned undertaking that casts the essence of Japanese design onto a wall.


This system divides your wall into grid sections, with accents in black doors, drawers, and decorative boxes. Effortlessly hide what you like in this fusion of practical and modern design.


Boxes are mounted in a pattern on the wall for storing your belongings in a novel aesthetic. The color is yours to choose. Your lifestyle, including the surrounding wall finish, can help determine your unique setup.

A-FIX SYSTEM Open shelf

Imagine surrounding the corridor from your entrance in open shelving. This technique, employed in high-end restaurant catwalks, can be used in your home.

A-FIX SYSTEM Book shelf

By emphasizing horizontal more than vertical lines, the face of this bookshelf is simultaneously composed and just slightly electric. A thin, metal ladder offers a contrast in this design fit for a study.

A-FIX SYSTEM Living classic

AREA’s standard wall storage style for living and dining (LD) rooms. When the 1600 mm2 door slides toward the TV, a bookshelf appears, and the latticework above can be pushed open to reveal generous storage space. The lights installed above the desk create pleasant shadows.


This desk system uses a mirrored wall. The multi-screen display is compatible with TV, Internet, games, and the like. Take your living room one step into the future.


Rather than simply making storage space in your walls, design them in. This is a notion of wall storage design that cannot be achieved with prefabrication and is better described in its designated space as artwork.

A-FIX SYSTEM Living 01

This wall storage system uses ceramic doors. The modern finish combines the warmth of wood with the luster of ceramic materials and fits beautifully in contemporary condominium living and dining (LD) rooms.

A-FIX SYSTEM Living classic

Vertical boxes flank a three-level system incorporating overhead, middle, and lower storage. Though very simple, depth creates surface variances that result in an intricate appearance.

A-FIX SYSTEM classic storage / dining / kitchen

This large storage system is specialized for dining needs. We provide numerous integrations, such as combining the sideboard with the dining table or wine cabinet. For those with their lifestyle centered on the kitchen.


This storage system combines AREA’s style and technique to enable beautiful corner organization. Abutting corners of storage spaces can create unused space, but here, we utilize it all, and we even provide the option of incorporating furniture into this system so you can create an artful lifestyle.

A-FIX SYSTEM Second room

Create a walk-in closet inside a room. AREA considers types and amounts of items for storage to customize your order. In-closet organizational systems are also popular.


Neckties, hats, bags, shirts... This walk-in closet storage system has item-specific storage and tempts anyone within to linger. Renovations requiring precise calculation is AREA’s wheelhouse.


With Japan’s housing situation in mind, changing the position of a bed poses a few challenges. So, decide the direction and turn the entire wall behind it into a headboard. Sleep soundly in a one-of-a-kind bed!