Our varied lineup of materials includes steel, stainless steel, brass, marble, and glass. Fine, unique designs enhance your living style. Customizable dimensions are available to suit your space.


living table VOLCANO

Even among walnut lumber, the rare claro walnut exhibits a distinctive grain. This 70mm thick coffee table lets you enjoy the sheer weight of a single, unique tree.

living table SIN

Wood seems to radiate out from the center of this impressive coffee table. Use the shelf beneath the glass top as a magazine rack or display. Brass elegantly glints in the wedges.

living table D-n

Three types of stones make up this patchwork table. The flanking and merging of minerals evoke a planetary alignment. The three brass bars, of course, serve a mechanical function as joints but also an aesthetic one, not to be overlooked.

living table D-s

Solid brass legs protrude from this remarkable coffee table. Make it your own by selecting size and stone variant. Brought to you by Japanese metalworkers and masons in collaboration.


This low table on three legs was designed by one of Japan’s esteemed furniture manufacturers, Tendo Mokko. The surface coating is sturdy enough to have supported tables at Japanese ryokan for many long years. A versatile piece, suitable as a coffee table in front of the sofa, in Japanese-style rooms or as a console to display a collection in the corner of a…

Book board table

Made with standard dimensions of literary publications, magazines, paperbacks, and CDs in mind. Packed solid, it’s a veritable tower of books.

side table VANITY grasp

A series made popular by the combination of its thin metal frames and wood tabletops. A handy table that slides over the sofa seat.

A-living table

The texture of this solid wood piece stands out precisely due to simplicity in design. Store remote controls and living room gadgets on the underlying shelf.


A deconstructed coffee table with hexagonal posts. An accent piece for a coordinated intellectual space.

living table VANITY

Metal lines and glass surfaces. Minimalism at its finest. Balance with a larger cut of glass.

side table VANITY

Two metal legs support a sheet of glass. Every excess has been cut away from this minimalist style.

Single grasp table

A coffee table to recall contemporary landscape architecture, now in miniature in your living room. Enjoy the sense of stability brought about by a comprehensive vantage point.

Single grasp side table

From a demure console table in the living room to a nightstand nestled against your bed— a cleverly shaped, versatile piece.

Double grasp table

A coffee table with two sides to grasp. Vary the shape, according to use.

side table DAL

This side table emulates the beautiful lines seen in a mosque. Watch in wonder as the atmosphere changes when it goes from upright to horizontal.

side table RIPE

We redesigned a medieval Italian side table. Neo-classic. For adults weary of simplicity.

living table RIPE

To be considered an antique in the next generation, a table must be made of quality materials and by skilled artisans. This is one such crystallization of Japanese craft.

side table lotus

A round coffee table made of marble and brass. It reaches up, up, with the verve of a lotus plant. Order according to the desired size and pair with sofas large and small for a dynamic look.