All we need is love and pride,
when we find ourselves in dwelling which is nothing but an open space.

We are “AREA,”
a Japanese interior brand specializing in crafting designs for various spaces with original,superior furniture and fixtures.
Our creations are made with carefully selected “Materials,” “Craftsmanship,” and “Design,”

all grounded in our unique philosophy.


AREA Original Furniture



Carefully selected solid hardwood and wood veneers with gorgeous grain

AREA furniture is made with carefully selected solid hardwood and wood veneers from all over the world, including white ash, black cherry, oak, maple, and teak, in addition to black walnut, the representative wood for furniture. Other specific wood types are also available for some products. Please feel free to contact us.

Available in a variety of materials (iron, stainless steel, brass, glass, marble, leather, and more)

To create more diverse design patterns using different materials, various materials are available in addition to wood.

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Material / Finish





Manufactured by skilled artisans

AREA furniture is mainly produced in long-established factories in five representative furniture production areas of Japan: Fuchu (Hiroshima), Okawa (Fukuoka), Hida-Takayama (Gifu), Shizuoka (Shizuoka), and Asahikawa (Hokkaido). Since our products require a lot of manual work, they can hardly be manufactured by mass-production furniture makers pursuing high efficiency. Therefore, our products are made at reliable factories, which can process everything from start to finish: from purchasing materials, properly drying the timber, converting the timber, processing, polishing, assembling, and coating. Although production takes time, we deliver our customers quality furniture that will endure for a long time that is definitely worth the wait.


New designs created in contemporary Japan, not mere nostalgia of Japanese design

AREA’s allure includes expressions by various designers (e.g., furniture, architecture, traditional crafts, and fashion), which also pay respect to traditional designs around the world that have been passed down. AREA products are made by incorporating creative designs. We develop home décor products based on an annually selected concept, and present them to the world.

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