In addition to AREA original lighting fixtures, we provide domestic and imported lighting and chandeliers to fit various interior décor styles and situations. Our original designs are crafted in classic yet distinctive styles, perfect for blending into and complementing traditional Japanese interiors.


stand light ALIENATION

自然物と人工物。 対照的な素材で構成されたミニマルなフォルム。 デザインと機能が美しく融合した照明が誕生。 「AREA Tokyo Design Award 2020」の受賞作を製品化した作品です。

A Floor light

Solid walnut, black leather, and metal—a wonderful combination for floor lights. Change the size as needed.

Floor light D

This floor stand was inspired by bonbori, traditional Japanese paper-covered lanterns. The base is made of stone, wood, and brass, while the hexagonal lamp shades creates a traditional softness and contemporary beauty in the space. Cette lampe sur pied est inspirée du « Bonbori », lampe traditionnelle japonaise. La base est composée de pierre, d’une partie e…

stand light KUTANI

A floor lamp gleaming with the handiwork of skilled artisans of Kutani ware, of Kanazawa and Kaga Hyakumangoku fame. Select between our lion and dragon motifs. Unglazed: Kutani ware / Artwork: Masato Yashiki

stand light A

A beautiful desk lamp with a silhouette of alternating curves and linear lines.