Bed frames strongly influence the look of a bedroom. THE WALL BED provides customizable fabric as well as solid wood bed frames in specifications to suit your style and the size and make of your mattress. Get in touch for help with the full design and arrangement of your bedroom.


A-BED Royal

Headboard with colors extracted from the Japanese color theme. Fixed beautifully with the layout and bookshelf, this finish is only possible because it is a custom-made order.

A-BED Classic

We combined high-quality luxury materials and simplistic design to develop this bedframe. Design the headboard to your liking. A well-loved piece since its inception.

A-Bed drawers

A popular bed frame complete with drawers, crafted by skilled artisans with intricate handiwork.

bed SIN

In Bed SIN, the mattress is laid shallowly in the frame for a more integrated look. The protruding horns and brass laid across the headboard make the classic beauty of this piece a cut above the rest.


This bed frame is inspired by luxury hotels by the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a premium piece, with the mattress placed above a wooden base and a large, refined headboard insisting on certain formalities.


This bed frame is upholstered like a sofa with a frame that wraps the mattress. The gentle touch of the bed frame creates a sense of comfort that cannot be obtained with steel or wood frames.

mattress A

This is an AREA original mattress, produced in collaboration with famed high-end mattress manufacturer Nihon Bed. Special consideration is taken on the square frame structure, the number of ventilators, and more.