AREA’s original wall storage collection, A-FIX SYSTEMS, can be ordered by the millimeter to be compatible with numerous colors, gloss levels, and finishes, with natural wood as the base. Instead of simply making the most of existing living space, our visually attractive system goes beyond functionality and realizes the designers’ intentions in each setting.


We offer a trinity of materials, craft, and design in lifelong furnishings and fixtures. AREA uses various materials and finishes for original items and fully custom-made wall storage systems to create high-quality, luxurious living spaces. Like our kitchens, realized with skills and experiences cultivated as an interiors hallmark, AREA’s new styles can further enrich your life.


AREA’s original chair collection is made by skilled artisans using traditional woodworking techniques. We focused not only on comfort and appearance but also on the kind of durability that will enable long-time use. Sizes also reflect appealing ease.


Our tables are made to draw out the allure of its materials, including marble, granite, and glass and natural wood such as black walnut. We will propose a setup customized for space and people intended for use.


Arguably the lead role of any living room, sofas are an important interior décor element. AREA’s original sofa is made with Japanese artisanship and style, with particular attention paid to materials and interior structure to realize exceptional durability and comfort. Support and size are customizable.


Our varied lineup of materials includes steel, stainless steel, brass, marble, and glass. Fine, unique designs enhance your living style. Customizable dimensions are available to suit your space.


TV boards must vary in shape depending on available space, screen size, and accessory devices. Order by the millimeter for aesthetically pleasing cable management and future expansion. Solid wood and natural wood veneers unify warmth and functionality.


Our sideboards, chests, wardrobes, and shelves offer functional storage without sacrificing style. Feel free to reach out to us for orders adapted from our current designs.


Bed frames strongly influence the look of a bedroom. A-FIX SYSTEM BED provides customizable fabric as well as solid wood bed frames in specifications to suit your style and the size and make of your mattress. Get in touch for help with the full design and arrangement of your bedroom.


We will manufacture a custom desk to suit your needs, be it a study desk, executive desk, writing desk, or computer desk. From childhood and up, simply designed, solid wood desks are popular as lifelong furnishings.


Our fixtures are custom-made of far and away superior quality materials than what is available on the general market. Doors, however positioned, are ever in sight, and upgrading them upgrades any space. Sliding doors are ideal for partitioning spaces, and because we are in the business of designing spaces, their design should fall to AREA. We recommend coordinating colors and materials with your chosen furniture.


Mirrors accent walls and open up existing spaces. With choice pairings of wood materials and impactful design, mirrors collecting light emanate the same presence as do fine art pieces. Order designs and sizes fit for your space.


Our collection of outdoor furniture combines stylish lines with superior weather resistance. Stacking and folding functionalities also make for easy transport. They are designed with flexibility in mind, to be used seamlessly indoors or out.


In confined urban spaces, balconies are unexplored oases we propose are exceptional ways for city dwellers to enjoy the four seasons. The addition of chairs and potted plants turn a wooden deck into a secondary living room. Why not start with a wooden deck?


In addition to AREA original lighting fixtures, we provide domestic and imported lighting and chandeliers to fit various interior décor styles and situations. Our original designs are crafted in classic yet distinctive styles, perfect for blending into and complementing traditional Japanese interiors.