TV boards must vary in shape depending on available space, screen size, and accessory devices. Order by the millimeter for aesthetically pleasing cable management and future expansion. Solid wood and natural wood veneers unify warmth and functionality.



This TV stand has architectural beauty. This design grasps objects within from without, a recurring theme in AREA products.

Book board AV board

Rather than with audiovisual equipment alone, this TV stand will only be complete when packed to bursting with books and magazines. It is designed to look attractive even chock-full and cluttered.


A TV stand with a clean, simple design. Width, depth, and height are fully customizable. A popular pick since our founding.

low shelf PACIFIC

A low shelf born in Shonan. An abecedarian shape that, when admired from above, nevertheless commands attention. May certainly be used as a TV stand.

av board DAL

A well-balanced TV stand. Leaving out the backboard of the rack produces a welcome airiness. Slits running sideways add a touch of style.