Our collection of outdoor furniture combines stylish lines with superior weather resistance. Stacking and folding functionalities also make for easy transport. They are designed with flexibility in mind, to be used seamlessly indoors or out.


table A-C

A ceramic table to bedeck a balcony. It has wide-ranging applications due to its scratch-, heat-, and weather-resistant material. We recommend setting a couple of these outside your restaurant. Legs are stylishly designed to cross.

chair A-17

Teak slides through thin metal pieces in this stylish iron chair. An all-purpose chair for any dining room or den.


The "bistro" is the perfect setting for a romantic Parisian bistro or a cozy balcony. Instead of sitting across from each other, they sit next to each other, looking in the same direction and exchanging opinions while observing passersby. This is an item for spending such a relaxing time. It is large enough for two men to sit comfortably and can be stacked u…