Arguably the lead role of any living room, sofas are an important interior décor element. AREA’s original sofa is made with Japanese artisanship and style, with particular attention paid to materials and interior structure to realize exceptional durability and comfort. Support and size are customizable.

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sofa En

A modular sofa from Asia, born from the culture of the seating and relaxing near the garden("En"). The three-level seating area, including the floor, makes us realize the infinite possibilities of space.


Made with carefully selected internationally sourced fabrics and superior comfort. A gem worthy of being called high-end. Introducing sofa HASHIRAMA, proudly crafted and made in Japan.


One of AREA’s long-selling classics. The comfort of being enveloped by this sofa surpasses all others. A landmark piece in simple, modern sofas. Reviewed as a sofa “you can sit on for over two hours,” this item has quite the fan base.


Our representative modular sofa. Coordinate with different fabric colors and textiles. A soft and simple silhouette invites a sense of playfulness.


Slices and squares. This sharpened and honed silhouette pads any user’s pride. Our VANITY series is one of AREA’s masterpieces.


An early model of our vanity series. Popular since its arrival, this sofa has many supporters among designers in the entertainment and apparel industries.

sofa S-1

A modern sofa with single-sheet upholstery. Its greater seat depth not only increases comfort but also welcomes you to kick up your feet and sink in. A suitable piece for a contemporary condominium.


Lie down, sand still between your toes, and barely open up the magazine you were saving for the weekend before falling asleep. Who doesn’t want to live the seaside life? This sofa may satisfy the urge.

sofa wood frame PACIFIC

A classic wood frame sofa. The arms exhibit angular edges despite insides carved round, in a coherent style borne of asymmetry.

sofa RIPE

From the high end of AREA’s sofa collection. It is luxurious, with double the sheets and double the cushioning. Packed full of high-performance and highly durable materials, it is also among our most advanced items.

personal sofa HUB

A personal sofa in the shape of a cockpit. Enjoy the gorgeous comfort of your seat while using a computer on your desk, and you have your own minimalistic space.


The adjustable version of VANITY-S. Request any angle in your special order to easily fit this sofa into an irregular-angled corner.