One of AREA’s long-selling classics. The comfort of being enveloped by this sofa surpasses all others.

A landmark piece in simple, modern sofas. Reviewed as a sofa “you can sit on for over two hours,”

this item has quite the fan base.

Designed by AREA

Made in Japan


Primary materials: fabric/leather covers Legs: solid walnut

3P: W2000 D900 H770 SH400 W78.74” D35.43” H30.31” SH15.75”

2.5P: W1800 D900 H770 SH400 W70.87” D35.43” H30.31” SH15.75”

2P: W1600 D900 H770 SH400 W62.99” D35.43” H30.31” SH15.75”

1.5P: W1200 D900 H770 SH400 W47.24” D35.43” H30.31” SH15.75”

1P: W900 D900 H770 SH400 W35.43” D35.43” H30.31” SH15.75”

Ottoman W780 D780 H400 W30.71" D30.71" H15.75"

One arm 3P-L/R: W1900 D900 H770 SH400 W74.80” D35.43” H30.31” SH15.75”

One arm 2.5P-L/R: W1700 D900 H770 SH400 W66.93” D35.43” H30.31” SH15.75”

One arm 2P-L/R: W1500 D900 H770 SH400 W59.06” D35.43” H30.31” SH15.75”

One arm couch 3P-L/R: W1000 D1800 H770 SH400 W39.37” D70.87” H30.31” SH15.75”

One arm couch 2.5P-L/RW900 D1700 H770 SH400 W35.43” D66.93” H30.31” SH15.75”

One arm 3P + One arm 3P couch 3P: W2900 D1800/900 H770 SH400 W114.17” D70.87”/35.43” H27.56” SH15.75”