Project nameCASE 040/EAT PLAY WORKS【NEW】

Architecture & Deign: Jamo assosiate

Project nameCASE 041/銀座 希鳥【NEW】

Architecture & Deign: MASTERD

Project nameCASE 042/Audi City 紀尾井町【NEW】

Architecture & Deign: Tanseisya Inc.

Project nameCASE 043【NEW】

Natural grain pattern on white ash wood furniture and pastel color sofas. Custom ordered shelf makes good atmosphere. It is a pretty interior style for adults.

Project nameCASE 044【NEW】

We renovated I-shaped kitchen dining space to L-shaped peninsula styled counter. For dining space, we placed a large capacity bespoke shelf.

Project nameCASE 045【NEW】

Coordinating kitchen and furniture at the same time, you will find a new interior style. Even if a small space, choose color, design and material thoughtfully, it will become an open-air room. The combination of white ash and grey color is beautiful.

Project nameCASE 001

The construction of the floor, wall, and ceiling. It is a necessary step to attain an aesthetic that would surpass mere arrangements of coordinated furniture. Residence O encapsulates a whole different world born through the collaboration of meticulously calculated design down to the most finite of details with the panoramic view from the high-rise apartment in Chuo Ward. The project was driven in response to the client’s request for an interior space that would exceed even the design of a foreign luxury hotel.

Project nameCASE 002

This apartment building stands near an old castle. Considering the location being in Nawate, the space was designed upon a careful investigation of the local history and culture. Symbols of crossed rope were designed and placed in multiple areas of the custom-made furniture, responding to the client’s wish to value the meaning of “Nawate” which means the crossing of rope; the interlacing of cultures, furthermore alluding to the mingling of people, and the interweaving of people with local regions.
This is one example of AREA team’s unique approach to design, leaving symbols in the space, based on careful research and analysis of each client and location.

Project nameCASE 003

A huge walk-in closet, a dynamic aquarium, and a powder room unified in white. These are just a few of the countless delightful surprises hiding in this home, for which many custom furniture designs have been exclusively drawn.
The decorative design likens to a secret hideout for grownups and plays up the charm of the homeowner Mr. K. The space harmonizes beautifully with the Garden sofa.

Project nameCASE 004

Space planning that consolidates the extensive beautiful view of the city into a room. A sense of floating and having escaped from everyday life is evoked by repeated use of reflective items such as glass and mirrors. This project embodies the AREA renovation motto “surpassing luxury hotel design”. It is no exaggeration to say that the character of the space was defined by the purple fabric for the custom-made sofa Settle.

Project nameCASE 005

A renovation project characterized by botanical patterned wallpaper. There are various choices for wall decoration; stone, plaster, wallpaper, and upholstery.
Special consideration went into the corner design in the wall storage built up to the ceiling in a vertical grid to prevent unusable space. This is a feminine design with a relaxing workspace.

Project nameCASE 006

The wall storage named Chocolata is a passionate work of art in which each cabinet door front is made with a three-dimensional walnut wood joinery frame that is inlaid with genuine leather at the top surface.
The storage unit is a delight to use, opening up to a variety of 2, 4, and 6 compartments. After a decade of use, the leather will acquire beautiful shine and patina.
From window sills, swinging doors, sliding-doors to flooring, this project required a full-scale renovation. It is a bespoke space designed for a music professional client.