Mirrors accent walls and open up existing spaces. With choice pairings of wood materials and impactful design, mirrors collecting light emanate the same presence as do fine art pieces. Order designs and sizes fit for your space.



AREA’s original mirror has been popular since we began its production. Though a work of art in itself, this mirror is yours to make uniquely your own by selecting its grid size and layout.

A-Picture Wall

The beauty of neatly arranging identical frames. Originally developed for a catwalk in a certain restaurant.


Byobu, a partition to easily divide a room. The artwork on this Byobu depicts the world we live in and the world after death, along with the subtle and profound world that lies between the two. When you gaze into this world even briefly, questions arise―Who am I? What is the true meaning of life? These are the thoughts that come to mind.

Flower base No no Ishi

This flower vase was designed based on a story that a monk found a flower blooming in the broken stone on a mountain path.