Project name CASE 052

Project name CASE 051

Project name CASE 047/AREA Tokyo Paris

”AREA Paris” opened in 2019 introduces a brand new charming Japanese space to Parisian. Architecture & Design: Hashimoto Yukio Design Studio Inc.

Project name CASE 040/EAT PLAY WORKS

Architecture & Design: Jamo assosiate

Project name CASE 042 / Audi City Kioi-cho

Architecture & Design: Tanseisya Inc.


Architecture & Design: BERINA Photography: Nacasa & Partners Inc.

Project name CASE 033 / NAGISA mental health clinic

The tiled floor gives a sanitary impression. Tiles have been changed from room to room, mixing with pools of natural sunlight and green colors to create a restful atmosphere. This is a waiting room in a clinic. Responding to a specific request from the physician client for a “bright and clean” space, special consideration went into how to filter sunlight. Lattice for the window was etched out into a 3D form, and the shadow pattern was tested over and over. The line forms have been designed to fall in a soft pattern in the afternoon sun.

Project name CASE 036 / assort International Hair Salon Tokyo

A cutting-edge competitive district for beauty salons in Aoyama, Tokyo. Every shop is striving to differentiate itself from another. Their style is the key to stand out. Themes of spacial planning are driven by the philosophy and concept of the brands. The goal of assort was to express “mix of cultures” using a variety of different materials that would blend into any ethnical location.

Project name CASE 037 / 7th Avenue Clinic Ginza

AREA receives many requests to design medical spaces. Knowing how to provide a luxurious setting in medical practice requires unique skill. How can the cold image of machinery be softened? Warm colors are not a favorable choice for a medical brand with wealthy clients. In this project, white in multiple layers of gradation was used in the design.

Project name CASE 038 / Lighting Showroom

Office and showroom design emphasize the functional element. This is because space where “work”, “rest”, and “think” are well differentiated becomes valuable as a workspace over a long period of time. However, people need gray areas that are not purely functional. This is why it is necessary to add rounds and curves to the fine details.

Project name A-FIX SYSTEM WORK 006

A-FIX SYSTEM is also the choice for offices, where functionality and durability are pursued.

Project name A-FIX SYSTEM WORK 008

A desk made exclusively of solid wood is suitable for the executive room. The space is coordinated in natural Black Cherry wood material.