Creating a Loving Space

Blessed are those who have a place to set their hearts at ease. With that alone, they can confront any difficulties tomorrow may bring.
For instance, a chair under the sunlight while indulging in reading or meditation, your favorite chair to sit in right after work, a desk that you use during the midnight, a sofa for watching old movies with family on weekends, and a table where cherished friends gather from afar.
Through furniture that embraces numerous feelings, we create a loving space for the people who gather there and for the small joys that overflow from it.

About Our Company and Our Brand

Established in 2003 in Chigasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, NODA Japan Co., Ltd. (AREA) is now celebrating its 21st year. Our primary focus is on the manufacturing, importing, and selling of furniture and interior items.
Our brands include AREA, specializing in the sale of original furniture and spatial design, Roche Bobois, representing one of France's leading interior brands, and Terior, focusing on the selection of outdoor furniture primarily from Europe.
Each of these brands offers a diverse range of unique items that add color to the lives of various individuals.

AREA is an interior brand that creates lifelong original furniture and spatial designs where "material," "craftsmanship," and "design" come together as one. Starting with the opening of its Paris store in 2019, AREA expanded to open its New York store in 2024. Plans for further expansion in Asia are in place for the years beyond 2024.

Roche Bobois is a leading French interior brand with a presence in over 60 countries worldwide. Rooted in the lifestyle philosophy of "Art de vivre," which encourages incorporating one's preferences and passions into daily life, Roche Bobois collaborates with various designers, artists, and architects to present their creations.

Terior is an outdoor furniture brand that selects unique items from countries in Europe, such as France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, where outdoor living has been enjoyed for generations. Their items can be used both indoors and outdoors, blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces, and they propose creating free and liberating spaces. Terior products find wide usage in residences, vacation homes, hotels, commercial facilities, and more.


Aiming to Become a World Brand Representing Asia

Japanese culture is fundamentally rooted in three main streams:
Cultures originating from regions such as Persia, crossing the seas from the southwest.
Cultures originating from regions like India and China, entering the Korean Peninsula via the continent from the west.
Cultures coming from the northwest, passing through regions like Sakhalin and Kamchatka.
These cultures each embarked on long journeys from distant lands, eventually reaching their endpoint in the easternmost region of Japan, the Japanese archipelago. There, they were stacked, mixed, and matured over time. Thus, Japanese aesthetics were born.
We aim to create a completely new furniture brand centered around this aesthetic. Furthermore, we aspire to reverse this journey, starting from the endpoint and disseminating cultural influences worldwide.

Job Description

Employment Type - Full-time employee (3-month probationary period)
Salary - Full-time employee:
Monthly salary of 250,000 yen
* Fixed overtime pay will be provided even if there is no overtime, and any excess overtime will be paid separately.
Benefits and Welfare - Salary increase: Once a year
- Social insurance complete coverage
- Full reimbursement of transportation expenses
- Allowances based on experience and skills
- Maternity and childcare leave system
- Employee discounts available

- Shonan Barbecue:
Held annually at the founding location. It's a BBQ event where you can fully enjoy the sun and the sea.

- Terior Rooftop Party:
Held on the rooftop terrace in Aoyama, inviting customers and related companies. It's a popular event due to its excellent location.

Working Hours - 10:00-19:00 (1-hour break, subject to shop operating hours)
Holidays and Leave - 8 days off per month (on a shift basis)
- Summer and winter vacations available
- Paid leave available

Store Sales/Operations Management

Job Description - Engage in customer service, sales, and store management for visitors to the store. This role serves as the face of the brand.
- Possess expertise in furniture interior and architectural design, and make proposals after gaining trust from customers.
- Start as a sales staff and aim to become a store manager.

Corporate Sales

Job Description - Engage in sales to corporations such as design firms, developers, and department stores.
- Start as an assistant to senior staff, then progress to handling existing clients and developing new business.
- An energetic role involved in various projects.

Design/Field Management

Job Description - Design and coordinate the development of original products and custom-made items, order them from domestic workshops, and ensure delivery to customers.
- Aim to become a professional well-versed in furniture materials, construction, and management.

EC Planning/Operations

Job Description - Plan and operate our company's EC (electronic commerce) platform. This is a crucial role aimed at providing services online that surpass those in physical stores.
- Adapt flexibly to the ever-evolving IT landscape and deliver our products not only within Japan but also worldwide.

Overseas Store Sales/Operations Management

Job Description - Work at overseas stores of "AREA" located in "Paris, France" and "New York, USA," engaging in sales, business operations, and store management.
- Utilize language skills such as English, French, Chinese, and Korean to bridge between Japanese interior design and global customers.


Job Description - Handle export and overseas expansion support for "AREA" products, order from suppliers of "Roche Bobois" and "Terior," and manage import operations.
- Understanding cultures and situations of various countries and maintaining smooth communication with people from different nations are essential.

Public Relations/PR

Job Description - Conduct brand publicity and PR for "AREA" and "Roche Bobois."
- Responsibilities include press release distribution to media, planning and managing events, web design, catalog design, and information dissemination on various social media platforms to raise brand awareness.

Application Method

Applications are being accepted through Mynavi.
Please apply using the following link

For inquiries regarding new graduate recruitment, please contact

03-6434-7863 (Weekdays 11:00-19:00)

You can download the recruitment pamphlet for new graduates, including Q&A, from the following link

Message from

Yujiro Matsue

Executive Director

Twenty years ago, AREA was unknown to anyone, but now it's a well-known brand for many. I believe that in another twenty years, the name of AREA will be recognized worldwide. From founding members to mid-level employees to new graduates, everyone's daily work contributes to the company's growth. NODA Japan is a company where you can feel this firsthand and work with a sense of fulfillment.

Natsumi Matsudaira

Deputy Manager, Accounting Department

I joined the company in 2012 and initially worked in the corporate sales department. After taking maternity and childcare leave, I returned to work and transferred to the accounting department to align with my lifestyle changes. At every step, there has always been support and understanding from colleagues, allowing me to work wholeheartedly even in my current part-time role. I'm grateful for the fulfilling days I have here.

Misaki Homma

Roche Bobois Store Sales

Since I was a child, the chairs I sat on every day were from AREA. It's unbelievable that I now work for that company. I feel a deep connection. That's why I know better than anyone the comfort of sitting in AREA chairs! Now, I'm using my English skills at Roche Bobois while working.

Kana Tatsumi

Overseas Business Division / AREA Paris

Having lived abroad, I've always been drawn to interior design jobs that connect with the world. In my first year at the company, I've been involved not only in customer service but also in working with overseas suppliers. As I'll be working at the Paris store starting this spring, I want to strive to contribute even more.

Hirotomo Tajima

AREA Store Sales

I love interior design, and when I stumbled upon AREA while wandering around Aoyama, I was captivated by its aesthetic. With the support of those around me, I've been able to take on challenging responsibilities without hesitation. Every day, I enjoy the stimulating experience of taking on new challenges.