In confined urban spaces, balconies are unexplored oases we propose are exceptional ways for city dwellers to enjoy the four seasons. The addition of chairs and potted plants turn a wooden deck into a secondary living room. Why not start with a wooden deck?



The balcony is an important space directly connected to the living and dining room. And yet, because condominium balconies are infrequently regarded as living spaces, they remain unadorned and neglected. In ages past, we Japanese had a culture surrounding our gardens and engawa (verandas), living spaces from which we could enjoy the passage of the seasons to…


One day, I thought to myself. I’m going to fill this bare balcony with greenery. I’m going to install deck panels that feel good on my bare feet. I’m going to bring out a chair and read books on a sunny Sunday. I can have lunch with my whole family. An urban balcony is a garden in the sky for adults who are honest about their desires.


A partition that conceals without shame. Size and shape are yours to choose from. Consider employing it as a safety measure for children at risk of falling. Create nuance in style by changing up the quantity, width, and color of the randomly placed panels.

4.PLANTER & Green

The layout of greenery is a major component in your balcony’s design. Although it may look as though the pots are merely placed atop the decking, we have cut the shape of the container bases into the wood to prevent their falling in strong weather. Placing plants directly in pre-cut decking is also popular.


Our durable stainless steel and aluminum furniture weather the elements stylishly. We provide furniture for stacking and folding for ease of use on balconies and verandas.


Made of the same materials as the decking and built by furniture makers, this table conceals any unsightly air conditioning unit and becomes the centerpiece of your balcony. It may also serve as storage.


Our professional staff will coordinate the design of your balcony and plant arrangements suited to your environment.

8. Installation

AREA is well-acquainted with made-to-measure installations, such as A-FIX SYSTEM, our wall storage setup. We use the same principles of careful, on-site measurement here. What we manufacture is sized according to ingresses and is assembled on site. Our teams work quickly, limiting outdoor noise and dust that tend to bottleneck conventional wooden deck constr…

9. Free consultation and estimate

We provide free estimates for rough drafts of balcony designs. Feel free to get in touch. To reserve a consultation, call 0120-055-181, or submit a contact form. Bringing a floor plan of the area in question will enable a smoother process.