Les Trois Graces× AREA
“Sustainable Beauty Project” Collaboration Furniture
Notice of limited quantity sales

Les Trois Graces Corporation, represented by Kou Shibasaki, has been creating products that pursue “beauty of body and soul, and beauty of the environment” in collaboration with various companies toward the “realization of a sustainable and harmonious society” through the “Sustainable Beauty Project”.

This time, as the second phase of the project, we produced furniture in collaboration with AREA.

Based on AREA’s new “cocktail table Ume Bon,” a limited edition version of the “cocktail table Ume Bon” will be available with colors and patterns selected by Mrs. Kou Shibasaki.


LES TROIS GRACES special color/limited quantity product

– Plum blossoms in late winter –

This cocktail table is a stunning geometrical rendition of the vitality of plum blossoms.
Three different shapes and heights overlap each other, creating an expansive and universal rhythm in the space.

This product, which was created with the image of the plum blossom, a good-luck charm, is delivered in a paulownia wood box.
It is recommended as a gift for a wedding present or a housewarming gift.
It is lightweight, and the legs can be removed for compact storage.


<Material and finish of the main body>
(Large) Solid Walnut  / MDF, Veneer, Dark walnut urethane coating
(Medium) Solid Beech / MDF, Urethane coating in black green
(Small) Solid Beech / MDF, Urethane coating

<Body size>
(Large) φ700 H400 (mm)
(Medium) φ500 H360 (mm)
(Small) φ350 H440 (mm)

For details of the product, please visit the following sales site.


■Sales time: Wednesday, November 1, 2023 –
■Sales locations: AREA stores and “Les Trois Graces EC” sales site
(Sales will end as soon as the limited number is reached.)


Ms. Shibasaki is also a fan of AREA’s furniture.
In conjunction with this sale, her official YouTube channel “Kou Shibasaki Leis Trois Graces” will be showing videos of the special features of the collaboration items and her thoughts on the project. Please take a look!







About Les Trois Graces “Sustainable Beauty Project”

「People can be beautiful with the Earth.」

The more people live beautifully, the healthier the earth will be.
The Beauty of body and soul, and beauty of the environment.
This project aims to realize both of them without giving up either of them.

About AREA furniture

AREA’s furniture is the result of the three elements of “materials,” “craftsmanship,” and “design,” and is made to last for a lifetime.

AREA’s furniture is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in pursuit of “Made In Japan” quality. AREA’s furniture is carefully produced one by one by our trusted workshop, which handles the entire process of buying materials, drying, cutting, processing, polishing, assembling, and painting.

Furniture manufactured with advanced craftsmanship can be used for a long time because of its high quality. In addition, the furniture is made of carefully selected solid hardwoods from all over the world, so it can be returned to nature when it has served its purpose.

Contact: AREA 0120-055-181