Project nameCASE 014

Designing wall storage does not simply end by filling up the entire wall space. If the amount of required storage allows, creating a rhythm in the voids between columns is also fun.
The slits can be decorated with mirrors or collective items. It all depends on the resident's imagination to display the richness of a sophisticated resident.

Project nameCASE 015

Upon stepping into the living room, the first view that enters one's eye is a continuous horizon of water extending into the distance. Equipping the space with large-capacity storage throughout, the room was organized to attain a sleek look that would not interfere with the magnificent scenery. The ultimate luxury for the residents of this home will be time spent on the sofa by the window, overlooking the ocean that changes expression over time.

Project nameCASE 016

A wall storage unit displays a decorative collection while encasing a wine cellar on the side. The spacious walk-in closet beautifully stores shirts, accessories, and suitcases. The abilities of storage space are maximized all the more when the homeowner’s personal belongings are taken into consideration. The skill of the designer will define how space can be used.

Project nameCASE 017

In a room where time is spent with young children, the generous use of fabrics adds a desirable tender touch. Placed in front of the TV, the Garden sofa for lying down is also the perfect place for children to play. Matching fabric is used for the seating upholstery of the chair "A-5" to complete a coordinated warm-hearted atmosphere.

Project nameCASE 018

In a space with high ceilings, wall storage should be planned with an emphasis on form. The space is successfully controlled with occasional voids that are intentionally left empty. Custom lighting built into the wall storage enhances the luxurious atmosphere.

Project nameCASE 019

The statement piece of this living room is the beautiful wall storage with lateral lattice panels rising up to the ceiling.
A custom-sized sofa that fits perfectly in the corner blends comfortably with the spacious home, creating a superbly relaxed atmosphere.

Project nameCASE 020

How could a limited space be designed to provide ultimate convenience in high style? User-friendly wall storage units with large capacity would lose half of their appeal if not accompanied by beauty. The same principles apply to custom-made kitchen storage tailored to fit a refrigerator. Standard shaped wall storage is exactly where designers and woodworkers can showcase their skill.

Project nameCASE 021/懐石 円相

The A-4 chair is enigmatic.
Dignified in an art scene, whimsical for the child who sits, gentle to the elderly, bewitching to the young, dependable for those who sit.
Unpretentious and unboastful, just being a chair.
This is the charm of the A-4 chair.

Photography: Nacasa & Partners Inc.

Project nameCASE 022/瓢斗 京都店

The chair A-7 is complimented beautifully in the setting of Japanese restaurant “Hyoto” in Yamabushiyama, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto. The bands under the legs were developed to prevent damaging the tatami mats underfoot.
The table embedded seamlessly with an IH cooktop for shabu-shabu creates a sleek adult space. The material is white ash.

Architecture & Design: Chiba Manabu Architects
Photography: Forward Stroke inc.

Project nameCASE 023/レストラン

Photography: Nacasa & Partners Inc.