Project nameCASE 002

This apartment building stands near an old castle. Considering the location being in Nawate, the space was designed upon a careful investigation of the local history and culture. Symbols of crossed rope were designed and placed in multiple areas of the custom-made furniture, responding to the client’s wish to value the meaning of “Nawate” which means the crossing of rope; the interlacing of cultures, furthermore alluding to the mingling of people, and the interweaving of people with local regions.
This is one example of AREA team’s unique approach to design, leaving symbols in the space, based on careful research and analysis of each client and location.

Project nameCASE 003

A huge walk-in closet, a dynamic aquarium, and a powder room unified in white. These are just a few of the countless delightful surprises hiding in this home, for which many custom furniture designs have been exclusively drawn.
The decorative design likens to a secret hideout for grownups and plays up the charm of the homeowner Mr. K. The space harmonizes beautifully with the Garden sofa.

Project nameCASE 004

Space planning that consolidates the extensive beautiful view of the city into a room. A sense of floating and having escaped from everyday life is evoked by repeated use of reflective items such as glass and mirrors. This project embodies the AREA renovation motto “surpassing luxury hotel design”. It is no exaggeration to say that the character of the space was defined by the purple fabric for the custom-made sofa Settle.

Project nameCASE 005

A renovation project characterized by botanical patterned wallpaper. There are various choices for wall decoration; stone, plaster, wallpaper, and upholstery.
Special consideration went into the corner design in the wall storage built up to the ceiling in a vertical grid to prevent unusable space. This is a feminine design with a relaxing workspace.

Project nameCASE 006

The wall storage named Chocolata is a passionate work of art in which each cabinet door front is made with a three-dimensional walnut wood joinery frame that is inlaid with genuine leather at the top surface.
The storage unit is a delight to use, opening up to a variety of 2, 4, and 6 compartments. After a decade of use, the leather will acquire beautiful shine and patina.
From window sills, swinging doors, sliding-doors to flooring, this project required a full-scale renovation. It is a bespoke space designed for a music professional client.

Project nameCASE 007

A designer's "exceptional talent" along with "beautiful materials" are paramount for creating attractive wall storage. A myriad of flexible ideas is required in correspondence to differing walls at numerous sites.
The solutions manifest in forms such as a wine cellar that appears at the perfect timing or a flowing design that is unfazed by a step along the wall.

Project nameCASE 008

The integrated space of an LDK (Living Dining Kitchen) tends to fall prey to a cookie-cutter uniform design. In such cases, try incorporating different materials and make a two-tone gradient.
A higher level of sophistication in space coordination can be attained if light to dark transitions can be shown akin to varying depths in a painting.

Project nameCASE 009

A simple wooden product is elevated to the look of contemporary art when teak wood grain patterns are horizontally arranged in a flowing pattern creating an academic feel. The repeating roll is made of natural veneer, so in fact, there is no identical pattern.
The combination with white stone is breathtaking. Particular engineering effort was put into the bottom rails of the custom-made large sliding doors to enable effortless opening without much force.

Project nameCASE 010

A spaciously coordinated home, resembling a museum where one can relax. The large custom-made sofa Union is luxuriously laid out by minimizing the dining table space. This is an LD (Living Dining) space that emphasizes the living zone. The neatly finished veranda is a cozy and comfortable space to pass time.

Project nameCASE 011

There are a few principles to follow in the process of reviving a 1960's era into modern times. Crisp straight lines are combined with soft curves to create a nostalgic atmosphere.
This product was created in response to an intriguing concept suggested from the client, “A space reminiscent of a 1960's SEIKO watch”.

Project nameCASE 012

It is no exaggeration to say that the surface material defines the high quality of wall storage.
A luxurious tone is set by the generous use of natural wood veneers and solid wood, creating an aura that cannot be attained by artificial woodgrain printed on the paper veneer.
Fitting like a glove along with the interiors of the home, a tailored aesthetic is achieved all the more because of each and every handmade item, where accuracy is tested as a critical element.

Project nameCASE 013

A TV can be easily be mounted to a wall within a relatively small budget. It is highly recommended because of the luxurious atmosphere it instantly introduces.
This is a perfect example showing the benefits of a full custom project with bookcases and collections board installed in the concaves and convexes around the beam, taking advantage of areas that would have otherwise been left unused.