sofa RIPE


From the high end of AREA’s sofa collection. It is luxurious, with double the sheets and double the cushioning.

Packed full of high-performance and highly durable materials, it is also among our most advanced items.

Designed by AREA

Made in Japan

sofa RIPE

Material: fabric/leather covers Legs: painted black Couch legs: machined duralumin

One arm + One arm less × 3 + Corner

W3520 D1810/1100 H850 SH400 (mm)

W138.58” D71.26”/43.31” H33.46” SH15.75”

One arm couch W980 D1800 H850 SH400 (mm)

W38.58” D70.87” H33.46” SH15.75”

One arm W980 D1100 H850 SH400 (mm)

W38.58” D43.31” H33.46” SH15.75”

One arm less W730 D1100 H850 SH400 (mm)

W28.74” D43.31” H33.46” SH15.75”

Ottoman W730 D730 H400 (mm)

W28.74” D28.74” H15.75”

Corner W1080 D1080 H850 SH400 (mm)

W42.52” D42.52” H33.46” SH15.75”