Lie down, sand still between your toes, and barely open up the magazine you were saving for the weekend before falling asleep.

Who doesn’t want to live the seaside life? This sofa may satisfy the urge.

Designed by AREA

Made in Japan


Material: fabric/leather covers Legs: solid walnut

One arm 2P + One arm couch W2340 D1470/870 H780 SH400 (mm) W92.13” D57.87”/34.25” H30.71” SH15.75”

One arm couch   W800 D1470 H780 SH400 (mm) W31.50” D57.87” H30.71” SH15.75”

One arm 3P  W1840 D870 H780 SH400 (mm) W72.44” D34.25” H30.71” SH15.75”

One arm 2P  W1540 D870 H780 SH400 (mm) W60.63” D34.25” H30.71” SH15.75”

3P  W1900 D870 H780 SH400 (mm) W1900 D870 H780 SH400 (mm)

2P  W1600 D870 H780 SH400 (mm) W62.99” D34.25” H30.71” SH15.75”

1P  W860 D870 H780 SH400 (mm) W33.86” D34.25” H30.71” SH15.75”

Ottoman  W680 D600 H400 (mm) W26.77” D23.62” H15.75”