Project nameKITCHEN 010【NEW】

Architecture & Deign: NAOI architecture & design office

Project nameKITCHEN 001

We renovated I-shaped kitchen dining space to L-shaped peninsula styled counter. For dining space, we placed a large capacity bespoke shelf.

Project nameKITCHEN 002

Coordinating kitchen and furniture at the same time, you will find a new interior style. Even if a small space, choose color, design and material thoughtfully, it will become an open-air room. The combination of white ash and grey color is beautiful.

Project nameKITCHEN 003

A closed concept kitchen specified with AREA original black walnut colored cabinet doors, creates a space full of functionality and texture.

Project nameKITCHEN 004

A renovation opening up a closed concept kitchen into the adjacent space. Utilizing parts of the original kitchen, Corian countertop and natural teak veneer cabinet doors were manufactured. The result surpasses a brand-new kitchen.

Project nameKITCHEN 005

The open kitchen countertop is made of teak wood in coordination with the kitchen door. The highlight of this space is the countertop surface made of valuable solid wood.

Project nameKITCHEN 006

With ready-made products, designs lack in originality. The ideal cupboard can be acquired exactly with specifications of a full custom design.

Project nameKITCHEN 007

An island counter is installed in the center of a closed concept kitchen.
The countertop material is Corian, allowing the enjoyment of cooking without worrying about the mess that is made.

Project nameKITCHEN 008

With a design harmonized to surrounding furniture, an island countertop takes on a similar function as a table, where people gather around in an open plan kitchen.

Project nameKITCHEN 009