table CORE (single wood slab) X leg


A slab of natural wood, with its beautifully contoured live edges,
is placed on inorganic, hard metal.
Our Core design series is one that unites these two opposites.
The metal legs’ height of design is key to escaping the simplistic Japanese modern aesthetic.

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Designed by Yoshiaki Sakumichi

Made in Japan

table CORE (single wood slab) X leg

天板:ウォールナット一枚板 脚:無垢材・スチール梨地焼付塗装


W2377 D1050-1215 H730

[ Wood slab ] Walnut, single(reference price)

¥2,926,000(tax included)

¥2,660,000(tax excluded)


[ Legs ] X Leg

¥544,500(tax included)

¥495,000(tax excluded)

<table CORE Wood slab reference price>

Single wood slab: Walnut, Japanese zelkova, Japanese horse-chestnut, sen, Japanese walnut, Japanese ash, Japanese maple, camphorwood, Japanese elm, Japanese oak, sapele, sycamore, monkeypod, etc.

W1500×D800 (est.) ¥536,000 (bookmatch) 
W1600×D850 (est.) ¥551,000 (bookmatch) 
W1800×D850 (est.) ¥581,000 (bookmatch) 
W2000×D900 (est.) ¥648,000 (bookmatch) 
W2100×D900 (est.) ¥678,000 (bookmatch) 
W2400×D900 (est.) ¥885,000 (bookmatch) 
W2800×D900 (est.) ¥1,035,000 (bookmatch)

※ Wood slab prices will vary according to wood species and size.
※ Size and thickness of wood slabs will vary. You may choose to order your selected wood variant to size.
※ Prices of table legs will vary according to color and finish.

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