All we need is love and pride,
when we find ourselves in dwelling which is nothing but an open space.

AREA, the Japanese interior and furniture brand

AREA New York will open in New York City's Midtown South distri ct in the spring of 2024.
AREA New York is a store that deals in exquisitely crafted furniture, traditional crafts, and art, all made with carefully selected materials by skilled artisans. It has captured the attention of New Yorkers as a unique Japanese interior shop offering such products.

AREA is a brand launched by the furniture and interior design company NODA Japan,
founded by Go Noda in 2003. With business bases in Tokyo and Paris, the brand releases high-end furniture collections each season, garnering significant support in Asia and Europe. In 2023, the company established its U.S. subsidiary, "NODA North Americ a Inc.," marking a significant step towards a comprehensive expansion into the American market .

In the Japanese furniture industry, where most furniture is conservative in design, AREA is a brand that creates unique new value, free from preconceived notions. For over two decades, we have consistently produced top-quality products that combine innovative design with the highest standards of materials and artisanal craftsmanship, constantly pushing the limits.

The value that AREA provides

We offer a unique individuality that transcends conventional norms. Pursuing the ultimate harmony of materials, structure, and design, we provide furniture that can only be created by AREA, sourced from carefully selected origins both domestically and internationally. Using solid wood and employing meticulous processes, we craft chairs adorned with intricate carvings, live-edge tables, Japanese-style sofas, and architectural fixtures, among others.
Additionally, we specialize not only in furniture but also in traditional Japanese crafts, art, and innovative spatial designs that incorporate them.

Brand concept

TThe brand name "AREA," which conveys the meaning of regions or territories, encapsulates the concept of "a place filled with love," where empty spaces are infused with affection to create a sense of completeness. As AREA, we have been presenting original and high-quality furniture and fixture designs in Japan, alongside various spatial designs. Go Noda,
the Executive Designer of AREA, designs each product by delving into Japanese culture through historical research. He is recognized as one of the influential designers in Japan's interior design industry.

Design concept

Japanese culture has developed from three origins. The first has its roots in Persia and its surrounding areas and came across the sea from the southwest. The second was born from the Korean peninsula, traveling west t o continents including India and China.
The last is a culture that came from the northwest via Sakhalin and Kamchatka.These diverse cultural influences traveled long distances from d istant lands and finally converged in the Far East, namely the Japanese archipelago.
The Japanese archipelago is the land where these influences reac hed their zenith,becoming a crucible in which myriad cultures built up, blended, and matured in harmony,As a result, the Japanese sense of beauty was born.

In pursuit of this unique beauty, we continue our journey back to our roots, exploring completely new product designs that embody the core of this aes thetic. As a designer, my mission and concept is to promote the rich cu lture of Japan and Asia to the world through product design.

Message from Designer

At this moment, I'm filled with exhilaration as I embark on the journey to establish my presence as a creator in New York’ s vibrant furniture scene. With the launch of our furniture brand, AREA, we are poised to introduce the refined craftsmanship and artistic flair of Japan to our esteemed American acquaintances. We aspire for our products to contribute to the diversity of this magnificent global city.

Executive designer Go Noda

In the spring of 2024, AREA will introduce "AREA New York" on Madison Ave in NYC, a mecca of high-end worldwide furniture brands. Within the contemporary glass facade, immerse yourself in a captivating space adorned with AREA's unique furniture and traditional Japanese crafts, meticulously crafted by Japanese artists. We extend an invitati on to those in search of cutting-edge Japanese high-end furniture and interior designs to explore our space. We genuinely look forward to welcoming you to our showroom.


AREA New York

172 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016, USA
+1 646 590 7277