東 苑



墨、烏羽、黒檀など、日本には西洋で言うブラックが、なんと20 色以上もある。安土桃山、江戸、明治。西洋が日本に出会った時、最も感銘を持つ文化の一つに、おびただしい数の「日本の色」がある。「まるで色の洪水だ」そう言ったのは私の知り合いのフランス人建築家だ。
しかしながら、私たち日本人はこの故郷の色を世界に充分紹介しているだろうか? 世界中を走る日本車。根強い人気の家電。だが、萌葱色の車、薄桜色の掃除機なんて聞いたことがない。それなら私たちのソファで紹介しよう。まずはパリ店で。これがこのソファを製作したきっかけです。

Colors of Japan

Japanese has more than 20 words that describe black such as “Sumi” “Karasuba” “Kokutan”. In Azuchi-momoyama, Edo and Meiji era, European countries fascinated the numerous numbers of Japanese colors. “It is like a color flood.” Said a French architect. However, do we introduce our majestic colors enough? Japanese cars and home appliances are spread over the world. Nevertheless, have you ever heard of moegi-color car or usuzakura-color vacuum cleaner? We are the pioneer of that, and it starts from Paris. That is how it all started.

東 苑

なぜ日本人はソファから降りて床に座ってしまうのか?下足文化という視点から、現代日本人のライフスタイル欲求を紐解き、“私たちにとっての最適なソファとは?” という問いを追求して生まれたのがこのソファです。


Why Japanese people sit in front of a sofa? Based on shoes off culture, we researched contemporary lifestyle demands and designed the best sofa.
The sofa has 2 seat heights, and the seat firmness is express the coziness of floor and tatami. You can choose colors from majestic Japanese colors. Sitting, relaxing, sleeping… spend time with your own style.




900mm のモジュールの背、座、本体パーツから構成されたソファ「東苑」。組み合わせ方、拡張性、使いやすさなど、モジュラーソファの在り方を改めて再構築しています。

New modular sofa

“Tou-en” is a modular sofa. It is composed of 900mm width backrest and seat. We reconstructed freedom of form and function.


背と座面は積み木のように載せられています。座面 2 段で一般的なソファ座面高さの 380mm、1段で 190mm に設定。一人でも簡単に置き換えて座り方を変えられます。

Easy transform

A seat and a backrest are piled up such as building blocks. Seat height is 190mm, double seat became 380mm seat height. It is easy to rearrange the combination by yourself.



Infinity ways to use

There are countless combination using armless unit, corner unit, seat. Using double seats for normal use, single seat for watching movie, also you can make a step for a child. You can use as a personal chair or move to other room. Just use as you like, it is a completely free sofa.



One unit

size : W900 D1000 H660 SH380

Corner unit

size : W1000 D1000 H660 SH380

One seat

size : W900 D900 H190